Yoga and Pilates

is a centuries old technique.
It increases flexibility, strength and balances the mind.  
People with long-standing pain and stiffness or with recent injuries
need to use caution when starting a yoga program.  
Some of the poses may be too aggressive for your body.

“Back Care Basics”  by Schatz is a great book to get you started with yoga without hurting your back.  She has step by step instructions for each pose, including pictures of the beginning pose,  common mistakes made when trying a pose and then the advanced pose.

For general information about yoga click on the below links:

This page emphasizes
Iyengar Yoga

(the poses are great for strength training as well as flexibility)



About Yoga


(avoid the head stands compression is very hard on the cervical discs
here what Bikram says about inversions)

Yoga classes in San Francisco

Bikram’s Yoga is quite popular these days.  They work out in an over heated room, your muscles are more flexible when they are warm.  (A smart idea).  If you have neck issues avoid the opening sequence of multiple neck extensions. 

This site:
gives your lots of background information.  

You need to buy the book to get the poses


Pilates has taken off in recent years.  The basic principles of using core muscles and exercises to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body, are sound.  Similar techniques have been used in physical therapy for many years.
Here is an interesting article about the intersection of physical therapy and Pilates.

At Back and Body Care, we work with our patients who are interested in pursuing Pilates classes.  We help them transition from hands on physical therapy to Pilates classes in a safe manner.

the pilates studio
is a good resource for information and classes

Open Directory Project
Use this resource for a listing of Pilates classes.


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