Physical Therapy

All treatments at Back and Body Care are with physical therapists who are
Experts in  human movement.
We will:

  • Customize a program for your condition

  • Monitor and make changes as needed

  • Give you a easy to follow home program

  • Teach you how to prevent re-injury

We treat:

  • Muscle, and Joint dysfunction (sprains & strains, loss of flexibility and strength imbalances) 

  • Movement dysfunctions (problems with walking & balance),  

  • Acute Pain syndromes (using massage, stretching, heat and cold therapies)

  • Chronic Pain Syndromes (Correcting underlying Muscle, Joint and Movement dysfunctions breaks the cycle of chronic pain)

  • correcting the Muscle, Joint and Movement dysfunction and use this to assess movement dysfunctions, usually related to pain or injury.

At Back and Body Care:

  • We help you achieve your goals
    through hands-on manual techniques
    and individualized exercise instruction.

  • We take the time to listen.
    We use our skills as a physical therapist &
    your feedback
    to custom tailor an exercise program
    to your individual needs.

  • All treatments are with physical therapists
    not physical therapy assistants or aides. 

Who are physical therapists?
From the October, 1999 PT Magazine:

“Physical therapists are good people to know.”

 We understanding the interaction of all your body parts.

Our hands-on approach begins with examination, diagnosis, and treatment of the immediate problem.

We teach you:

  • exercises for strength and flexibility 

  • injury prevention

  • use of proper posture 

  • ergonomics 

“Today physical therapists provide help for every part of the body to everyone from infants to the elderly — more than 1 million people every day!”

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