Supple Spine – Strengthen Core – Improve Balance – Spinal tune up

  • Equal distribution of strain throughout the spine
  • Eases strain on low back (lumbar) and neck (cervical) discs most prone to injury.
  • Simple exercise easy to incorporate into your daily routine.
    • simple weight shift exercise
    • when sitting or standing throughout the day
  • Definition of the QL Muscle and its actions.
  • Get started now  –  Watch videos.

QL Model - final


  • Locate asymmetrical stiffness/weakness (right side different than left) or stiff regions in your spine.
  • Same exercise helps you to locate differences between the right and left then work to erase left vs right asymmetry.
  • Easy to do throughout the day -Standing in line at the grocery store – sitting at your desk – one a plane – in a car.
  • With practice, you get the best benefit with very small movements that target the area of weakness, stiffness or lacking coordination.
  • There is benefit from both a larger stretch and a small stretch  – almost undetectable to the person standing or sitting next to you.