Suggested Reading

“Treat Your Own Back” by Robin McKenzie, MD is an easy to understand, guide to prevention and basic treatment for low back pain. Includes description of how your discs work. It sells for under $15.00.

In my experience, his “Treat Your Own Neck”  is less helpful.  Use caution with the recommended neck stretches.

“Back Care Basics”  by Schatz is a great book to get you started with yoga without hurting your back. She has step by step instructions for each pose, including pictures of the beginning pose,  common mistakes made when trying a pose and then the advanced pose.


Current thinking is that inflammation is the root cause of many diseases including arthritis, heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s. Can this be controlled with diet?  Take a look.

“Sex and Back Pain” by Hebert is a no nonsense guide that shows you how protect your back and continue to enjoy a healthy sex life.  Yes, there are pictures but if you are looking for pornography you will be disappointed.  


“Sitting on the Job” by Scott W. Donkin is a comprehensive guide to use of correct posture and stress reduction in a work environment.

ARTHRITIS – Most MD will suggest you try a combination of glucosimine and  chondriotin for osteo-arthritis.
” The Arthritis Cure,.” is the book that popularized this treatment.

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