Recommendations – Ergonomic Supplies

Computer Tools – Handheld Mouse  – One Finger Mouse, USB,

Reduces Computer Pain Syndrome risk by: encouraging neutral hand position/ mouse held in midline position/ Use of the index finger for left click /Easy to switch left to right hand.
Obus Forme Backrest Obus
Obus Forme Ultra Forme Ergonomic Orthopedic Back Rest, Medium, Black

(be sure to order the 2 handle model for plane trips.  You can use the top handle to strap the support to the carry-on

Adjustable Lumbar Support

This is a good size and shape. It inflates with air so you can have as much or as little support as you need.  I recommend buying the strap (sold separately).

Book /  Document holder 

This is very important if you do any data input.  There are document holders that stand to the side of the computer.  There are others that sit in front of your computer.  

book holder

Keyboard trays
can be very helpful.  The better ones have a negative tilt, tilts down to prevent upward tilt of the wrist.

lap desk

 lap desk

When using a lap desk you should always use a wrist rest.
TIP:you usually need 2 wrist rests to achieve the correct height. Place a gel wrist rest on top of a firm wrist rest
This positions the wrist in a straight line with the forearm.  The fingers dangle down slightly when typing.

Keyboard on the desk

If you are resting your forearms on the desk edge protector

and the edge is cutting into your arm a

Soft/Flexible Edge Protector  can help.

Hand Lab Products

Thumb Saver

This unique thumb brace is comfortable, allows full use of the hand and eases most thumb pain.

Wrist Brace

There are many wrist braces available.  This is one of the best because it was designed by the people at Hand Lab.


Soft Gel

Cold Packs

Neck Contour

large size for low back
Click on pictures for link
A soft gel “colpac” by Chattanooga is a great item to have in your freezer.   They come in a variety of sizes and are very durable.  Amazon.
has a good selection.
Or search for “Colpac”

ElastoGel Wraps are not as cold as the colpacks.  This specially designed pack works well for the wrist.At Amazon Amazon has a good selection of ElastoGel products
(remember ice at the elbow may relieve wrist pain
if the pain is caused by tennis elbow. )

This provides a bit more coverage for the neck but may be a bit heavy.

At Amazon

This long thin gel pack is easy to wrap the neck, wrist, elbow, knee or ankle.
neck, wrist, elbow, knee or ankle.

This can be worn around the neck like a cervical (neck) collar

At Amazon

ElastoGel Wrap – Lumbar
in a variety of sizes

At Amazon

specific for the low back.At Amazon

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