Massage and Mobilize

The history of massage begins thousands of years ago.  We instinctively rub a pain or an ache, we instinctively stroke a bruise. We use touch in healing without thinking about it.  

Massage is a traditional modality used in physical therapy.  Because of time restraints many physical therapists no longer use massage.

At Back and Body Care, we don’t believe in throwing out the old for the new.  We employ the latest therapy techniques but we continue to give massage it’s place of importance in physical therapy.

Many insurance plans do not cover massage therapy but most cover physical therapy. 

Don’t expect a full body massage as part of a physical therapy treatment.  You can expect some hands on treatment including therapeutic massage. 

Therapeutic massage is applied to a specific area to help with recovery from a specific injury. 

Other hand on techniques include gently rocking of the joints (joint mobilization),  cross friction and skin rolling massage, used to break down scar tissue or adhesions.

These two sites give a history of massage:

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